I lost my terminal in the Cloud9 Window

In the Cloud9 menus, go to the Window menu and New Terminal.


Exercise #0

When typing ./tools create_ssh_key I get an error

You got this?

An error occurred (InvalidKeyPair.Duplicate) when calling the CreateKeyPair operation: The keypair 'FishingKey' already exists.
Key created and secured

No problem! Do the following:

  1. Go to Services -> EC2 -> Key Pairs.
  2. Delete the FishingKey
  3. In Cloud9 execute the following command:
 rm ~/.ssh/fishing-key.pem
  1. Retry your the command that failed

When typing ‘cdk’ as a command I get command not found

  1. Type the following in to Cloud9 terminal:
cd infrastructure
nvm install
  1. Retry your the command that failed


I got errors during Cleanup saying it couldn’t delete some items

  1. Make sure the buckets referenced are empty by using the commands given in the Cleanup Exercise.
  2. If you’re left with the CDNLambdaBackend item then that means you just need to wait. You’re not charged for this item and you can delete it later from within the console if you wish.