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Today you will be deploying and operating a fantastic, excellent, cutting edge… Fishing Equipment Shop!

It turns out Fishing Equipment is a market segment currently under-served, and so we expect our first promotion to be absolutely record-breaking as more fishing enthusiasts discover our shop.

This record-breaking promotion presents a problem, however… the site was built by a bunch of contractors who are no longer with the business. With the promotion deadline looming, you need to ensure that we don’t buckle under the pressure. The CEO, being a typical CEO, wants to make as much money as possible and so it’s critical that full price sales are not impacted by the promotion.

Throughout the course of this workshop, we’ll work to migrate parts of the existing legacy web application to a serverless, scalable model to support the expected upswing in the fishing equipment market in the coming months.

There’s a lot to get through and so while you settle down, please go ahead and either sign up a fresh AWS account or use your personal one. We’ll be using a lot of services and so you need an account you have Administrator Access to. We’ll be managing to do this workshop within default limits.

If you’re running late and reading this, don’t panic! We’ll allow for a little bit of time to catch up with the preparation.

This workshop covers a lot of services and content. If you find yourself not understanding what it’s asking for you might have missed an earlier step. If, at any point, you’re feeling lost or have additional questions, please ask one of the workshop facilitators to help you out.


The goal isn’t a fully working system, but to join various parts together to prove a concept. The code is designed accordingly and we might use mock API endpoints as part of testing things are working.


Throughout the course of this workshop, you will be leveraging convenience scripts built to expedite the interactions with and deployment of various elements of the architecture. For instance, there is a shell script called ‘tools’ that orchestrates many parts of this workshop. If you’re curious about what is being done at any step throughout the process, we encourage you to look into these scripts and files for additional clarity.

So, without further ado…

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