Exercise #1 - Checklist for completion

We have now deployed our super basic shop. The architecture we’re using at this point has not changed since Exercise #0.

  1. Get the hostname of the Backend order service
./tools get_value ShopBackendBackendUrl
  1. In the Cloud9 terminal you can ssh to the Bastion host doing the following:
./tools ssh_to_bastion
  1. Once SSH’d into the instance you can curl the backend by getting the hostname from ElasticBeanstalk and doing
curl <hostname from step 1>/ping

You should see ‘PONG’ back.

To get back to the Cloud9 instance you can just type logout followed by enter/return.

  1. Let’s go to our shop, run the following command in the Cloud9 terminal to get the URL to go to
./tools get_value CDNCloudFrontUrl
  1. Take the output and enter into your browser, you should be greeted by the shop. If not, it might be cached, you can go to /shop and it’ll likely work. If not, put your hand up for a Solutions Architect to come and give you a hand!

You have now tested that we have deployed our Shop Frontend and Backend services successfully.

Exercise #1 is complete, go ahead and start Exercise #2